Your home didn't come with an owners manual, so we made one

Maybe you need help learning what maintenance a home requires or maybe you’re just bad at remembering when to do things. Don’t worry, us too!

You’re in luck! OnTheBlock gives you the tools to keep up with maintenance and store all the important information on your home in one place.

OnTheBlock helps you understand what to do and when to do it.

You can set up your home with OnTheBlock in minutes; then sit back and let us build a maintenance plan for you.

We’ll remind you when it is time for a maintenance task. Don’t worry – you should be able to perform most of the tasks on your own; we had to make sure our founder was capable of doing them too 🙂

At no cost to you, OnTheBlock helps you protect and improve the value of your home.

How It Works


Tell us some basic information about your home


Add your appliances, store important documents, and we will build a maintenance plan for your home.


For each item, fill in any details that you care to keep track of and attach warranty documents or receipts to find them easily later.


Access your home’s information in one place. We’ll send you reminders when to do routine maintenance.


Tell us some basic information about your home

No More Guessing Or Ignoring What To Do.

Knowing what to do is hard. Remembering to do it is even more difficult. OnTheBlock will build a maintenance plan for your home based on the information you share with us. We’ll remind you when to do something, and we even share tips and best practices for how to do it.

If it will cost money, we will let you know an estimate. Tell us how much you spent and who did the work previously so we can remind you next time.

Future Tasks

Modernizing Home Ownership

Whether you have one home or multiple, OnTheBlock is the right app for you. Track what appliances you have, store documents, schedule and assign tasks, and keep track of the contractors that do work for you.

Reminders sent to your smartphone

Never forget when your air filter needs to be changed. We got you!

Don't forget to get your A/C serviced this year or how much you paid last year. We got you!

Think of us as a personal assistant for your home.

Easily Find Documents

Clear out that drawer in your kitchen. This isn't your parent's house; it’s yours! Store all your important documents digitally and tag them to the item they belong to. Know how to file a warranty claim, what is covered, and how much time is left on the warranty

Save Some Money

Improve the value of your home by staying on top of regular maintenance. Find the most cost-effective option for local contractors based on who your neighbors are using.

Save money on everyday bills with our premium bill negotiation service. (feature coming soon for customers that purchase a subscription)


  • Stay up to date on monthly / seasonal maintenance with our automated reminders
  • Store your important documents in one easy-to-use place
  • Save money on day-to-day and seasonal expenses with our recommendations

OnTheBlock is a Houston-based company founded by a millennial homeowner that wants to make owning a home less stressful. When our founder, Matt Gype, bought his first home he didn’t know the first thing about how to take care of it. And just like you, he was too busy to remember to do the things around the house he actually knew how to do.

It is free! We will be rolling out premium features in the future to help you save more money, but that is completely optional. For no cost, you get access to our maintenance recommendations, home inventory tracking, document storage, and more.

Setting up your home(s) with OnTheBlock takes minutes. We’ve worked hard to make it simple to use OnTheBlock. As soon as you create an account, a maintenance plan is built, and reminders are automatically created.

We worked to keep the maintenance recommendations super basic (I needed to ensure I could do them myself). However, specific tasks call for a professional, and we will let you know what those are.

Not yet! Right now, we are 100% focused on giving homeowners like you the smoothest experience. We plan to roll out features to help you determine potential costs and find the best option for your budget.

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